Belvoir Blast 2020 Rider Information

Belvoir Blast 2020 Rider Information

 ***** Please Read Before the Event ****

We are delighted that you have decided to join us for Belvoir Blast 2020.  We hope to deliver you a memorable and enjoyable event from start to finish. 

**Please download the free app ‘what3 words’. Should you need any assisstance you can use this app so that you can be found quickly and accurately, should you require medical or mechanical attention.  You don’t need your mobile data on.

  • COVID MEASURES Please read:


  1. Event Venue
  • Hose village hall , Melton Mowbray LE14 4JR
  1. Arrival
  • If arriving by car, please follow directions to Hose Village Hall, where there is ample free car parking at the back of the hall on the field. Cars should access this via the tennis and bowls clubs. Please follow signs.  
  • From the South (Leicester):  From A46 take turning for A606 to Melton Mowbray.  In Nether Broughton turn left, taking signs for Long Clawson.  In Long Clawson, turn right, then left (through the village centre) towards Hose. 
  • From the North (Newark):  From A46 take turning for A52 to Grantham.  After 2 miles, turn right on Tithby Lane to Langar.  Follow the lane through Langar, and into Harby. Just outside Harby turn right, following signs to Hose.  
  • From the East (Grantham):  Take the A52 towards Nottingham.  At Bingham, take the left hand turn – Tithby Lane to Langar. Follow the lane through Langar, and into Harby.  Just outside Harby turn right, following signs to Hose.  
  • Please note if arriving by car you will go out the way you came in, to avoid any tangling of cars and bikes! 
  • All cyclists arrive and leave via the main entrance to the village hall.


    1. What to bring
    • A helmet is compulsory for this event.  We recommend that you wear appropriate, comfortable clothing and footwear, and wear or carry a waterprooftop layer, and sunglasses.  We also advise that you bring a full water bottle, form of ID in case of an incident, charged mobile phone, and basic tool kit, if you have it (allen keys, tyre levers, spare inner tube and pump.)  We have always been really lucky with the weather (apart from last year) – please remember sun screen.
    • Please try to ensure that your bike is in good working order before arriving at the event. 
    • **Ensure you bring a face covering for registration and during the day.**


    4.Registration and Start times

      • We will be open for registration from 7am. It’s vital that we stagger everyone according to their DISTANCE and SPEED, quite simply to avoid too many people in the same place at the same time and to reduce queuing as much as possible in the village halls…whilst also allowing people to cycle together. We will not be giving out individual start times – we ask riders regulate themselves.
      • Please read:
      • Please read the follow link as it contains very important information about face coverings and 1 way systems and a strict limit on the number allowed inside the hall at any one time.
      • Once you have arrived, please follow the signs (remembering  social distancing). Before entering the hall, your temperature will be taken. If your temperature is ok, you will be given a white wristband. Please put it on and keep it on for the rest of the day. No wristband = no entry.   If your temperature is high, you will be asked to leave the area and you will get a full ‘2 wheels’ refund.  Our first aiders will give you professional advice.
      •  One by one (or together if living in the same house – up to 6), you will confirm:   your route, 2. your mobile number 3. emergency mobile and sign that details are correct. You will be given your rider number on a wristband (allows access to feed stations) and a route map (40 and 60 is signposted..100 is not). The wristband will have important telephone numbers for First aid; bike aid; any other queries.  
      • **Please remove all cleated shoes before entering Hose village hall – please carry them, as you wont be going back out the entrance.


      1. Routes


      1. Mechanical Assistance (‘Bike aid’)
      • Our mobile mechanic, Mark from CycleCraft, will be at the venue before the start and will then move out onto the course for the duration of the event.  If you need mechanical support during the ride, please use the telephone number on your wristband. He accepts contactless payment should you need to buy any emergency parts enroute.
      • We will have a second vehicle roaming the course as broom wagon to help out with any unforeseen problems!  If your bike or your legs, fail beyond repair, we can give you a lift back to the venue at Hose.   


      1. Medical and Emergency Assistance (‘First aid’)
      • A very professional team from Atlantis EMS will be in attendance on the day of the event and will be roaming the routes.  For minor incidents or accidents please call the First aid number provided on your wristband. Our roving first-aiders may be able to reach you before the ambulance does. 
      • In the case of medical emergency, if in doubt, please call 999.  


      1. Refreshments and Piece of Cake Feed Stations – riders only with the appropriate wristband
        • Start : Hot drinks will be on sale from 7:30 on the gravel outside Hose village hall.‘Ginger and Blue’ sells fine coffees and hot chocolates as well as tea. CONTACTLESS payment only.
      • 100 and 60 milers only: The first feed station at Woolsthorpe Village Hall opens at 9:30. This will fall at mile 32/21 (100/60miles).There will be two SEPARATE 1 way systems and queues in operation – 1 for toilets (queue up on left) and 1 for refreshments (on the right). Please ensure there are no more people than arrows on the floor, in any given area (1 arrow = 1 rider).  These also indicate direction of travel and space required.  Please be patient and smile. Our helpers will do their best to serve you as quickly as they canenjoy a cup of tea/coffee and some delicious home made cake (from Peacock Farm in Muston – made 3 miles away) and get your water bottle topped up with tap water – please remove your lid and pop it back on again.  Please move on out the hall and eat and drink outside on the grass. Take your time to enjoy the break!
      • We have a limited amount of gluten/dairy free and vegan options available at all feed stations including non dairy substitutes – please do ask the friendly kitchen teams.
      • After refueling, please leave the feed station the same way you entered – at the cross roads you will turn right and continue your route, following signs.
      • At the top of Swine Hill (what a great name!), at the other end of Harlaxten – mile 30 for the 60 milers and mile 40 for the 100 milers, the 2 routes will part company.
      • The 100 milers will turn left and head for a lovely 40 mile rolling ride through the countryside – this part of the route is not signposted. We strongly recommend 100 milers take a paper copy of the map – it has the route on it and the villages listed in order.
      • The 60 milers will turn right and continue to follow signs for another 8 miles to the second feed station Skillington.


      • All riders: Skillington village hall is happy to serve you from 10:45.
      • There will be  2 SEPARATE 1 way systems and queues in operation – LEFT for toilets and RIGHT for refreshments. Please ensure there are no more people than arrows on the floor, in any given area. These also indicate direction of travel and space required.Please be patient and smile. Our helpers will do their best to serve you as quickly as they can. Inside you will be served homemade cakes, savoury options and hot and cold drinks. You can also get your water bottle topped up with tap water – please remove your lid and pop it back on again.  Please use the space on the field to eat and drink in groups no more than 6.
      • Skillington: ** Please take off your cycling shoes before going inside– leave them on the grass, out of the way .**
      • All riders will leave in the same direction down the small hill into Skillington and turn left out of the village. After Buckminster, the 60 and 100 milers follow signs left and have 20 miles to complete before the reach the finish back in Hose. The 40 milers have a different 20 miles to finish their ride – after Buckminster they will continue onto Sproxton, following signs. All riders will have a lovely long downhill (Harby hill) – please take care on the descent through the trees..turn left before you hit Harby and back for goody bags and medals.


      1. Staying Safe 
      • The rides will be on open roads, so you will be sharing the route with other road users.  The Highway Code applies as usual, so please follow it, riding no more than two abreast and being considerate to other road users., including horses and be mindful or dog walkers and their dogs.  
      • Please ride with control and take care of yourself.  
      • All of the routes follow relatively quiet country lanes with low levels of traffic, but there are points along the routes where you will cross, or turn right across a slightly busier road.  Please use extra caution at these junctions.  

      10. Signage

      • Our rider information signs will be branded with our ‘2 wheels and a piece of cake’ logo. (see below).  They will be positioned at (or in advance of) each junction or turn on the routes. These will be brought to your attention before you set off.  Please do not follow any other signs.   We have, unfortunately, had previous isolated incidents of signs being tampered with so we recommend you carry one of our route maps, and/or, possibly have your Garmin etc. loaded with the route as a back-up.   If you reach a junction and there are no signs please call the number on your wristband.  Where routes split (40mile/ 60miles/ 100miles), please look out for distance markers at the point where arrows seem to be going in different directions.
      • We will put these signs up on Friday/ Saturday and  they will all be checked again early on the Sunday. If you know the route but spot a missing sign, please call Britta/Gina on the number on your wristband and let us know so we can come and rectify the situation for other riders.                
      • **‘Be Safe!’  signs** If you see a “Be Safe!” sign, please sit up and take care. These signs will be placed at locations where we have identified a severe change in gradient (downhill)/road surface (possibly gravel)/sharp bend (often combined with a fast section) /busy road crossing/junction or other risk.  
      • Lost? – Don’t keep going!  Track back to the last sign that you saw and get back on course.  If in doubt, please give us (Gina/Britta- ‘HQ’) a call (number on wristband).


      1. Juniors 8-17 Parental consent form


      1. Finish Line
      • Please make sure that you check in with our Marshalls at the finish line!! If you decide to abandon the event for whatever reason, or if you change route mid-event, please let the event organisers know so that we don’t go out searching for you!
      • We ask you to patient as whilst we have done our best to spread you all out at the start and at each feed station, as well as at the end. We may have to ask you to wait, accepting no more than 6 riders back at a time.
      • Your medal and lunch voucher will be in your goody bag.  If there is anything in the bag you do not want – don’t be shy – just leave with us and we’ll reuse – would rather that then going to landfill.
      • No hugs and kisses this year I am afraid.
      • Please continue to socially distance in groups of no more than 6.



      1. Insurance
      • No-one likes to think about things going wrong but accidents can happen and we think it’s important that riders understand their own responsibilities. Our event has public liability insurance in place that covers us as event organisers, it doesn’t cover you for your own actions or for actions of other third parties. In simple terms that means if you cause an accident that is found to be your fault, you are personally responsible for any injury to yourself or others and for any damage to yours, or other people’s property. Sorry if that all sounds a bit heavy, we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable ride so please ride sensibly, control your speed and don’t take unnecessary risks. We recommend all riders have their own insurance arrangements in place to cover such accidents. There are a number of providers – British Cycling offers 3rd party insurance, as part of its different membership packages. Its insurance will cover incidents that are your fault and free legal support for ones that aren’t.
      • This link takes you to a full summary of all the benefits of the different packages and a link to join


      1. Feedback.
      • We strive hard to plan to make your day as enjoyable and as SAFE as possible: the routes, the signage, all the cakes and savoury options at the feed stations and lots of extras you don’t find on many other sportives. If you feel at all disappointed about any element of your day, we genuinely welcome your feedback and please, please come and talk to us, on the day ideally, or call us (‘HQ’number on wristband) or email us as soon as possible on We are a very small team/business and rely on very little marketing and social media costs. Please don’t be a keyboard warrior.
      • This year rather than leaving feedback on our comments wall please message us on Facebook and we would love some up to date Facebook reviews on our ‘2 wheels and a piece of cake’ page.


      We are really looking forward to a super event!  If you have any questions please get in touch.  

      Gina and Britta.                                                    

       Our email:

       See you on Sunday.